SNAPshot | How To Lose 5 Pounds the Fast & Healthy Way

Plus! The Most Harmful Ingredient, Eye Makeup Tutorial, Relationship Chat, & Zero Calorie Dessert Recipe!

Did you know that getting healthier is the #1 New Year’s Resolution year after year? And, from every study I’ve read, 2018 is no exception! Sadly, even though we’re barely 2 weeks in… most people have already given up. Why? Because they’re lacking the tools, accountability, motivation, and knowledge needed to see their health goals […]

SNAPshot | Your 2018 Game-Changing Goal Setting Workshop!

Plus! How To Know If You Have A Hormonal Imbalance & The Power Of Giving Back

While most of the world is taking it easy on this final week of the year (how time flies!), you and I are on a different level. Why? Because we know that in order to make 2018 rock, we need to have a system in place! That’s why this past week there seemed to be […]

SNAPshot | Dealing With Negativity On Social Media, Lashes, Holiday Decorating & Staying Healthy While Traveling

Plus: How To Track Health / Weight Progress, and PUSH Journals Ship TOMORROW!

We covered a little bit of everything this week. So whether you’re here for the social media tips, organization, life hacks or just a good laugh, you’ll find something for you this week! Were there tips for you on tracking weight loss? Sure. Thoughts on how you can stay healthy while traveling? You know it. […]

SNAPshot | Exercising While Sick, Deep Issues Surrounding The Dieter’s Mentality, Why Snapchat Is THE #1 Social Media Site To Be On

Plus the New SmartLife PUSH Journals Are Here!

Listen, there’s so much to share with you from this past week. I mean, dude! We’re talking THOUSANDS of people officially started the ONE3ONE Diet on Monday! We also get into how I’m basically my mom’s tech support agent, if/when it’s okay to exercise when you’re sick (yeah, I had the flu!), crucial thoughts on […]

SNAPshot | What’s THE BEST Diet & Why Some People Always Gain the Weight Back

There’s been lots of “health” and “diet” talk here lately, but it’s for good reason! This time of year, so many people put their health on the back burner only to go on a crazy guilt trip and yo-yo diet the first of the year. I want to help you break the cycle! Whether you’re […]